meeting on Friday 9th at 20,00 in Florence preparing #occupyfirenze99

Reporting on where the ide came from – [to link to Firenze]
they are discussing the results from yesterday
vica reading the call now
somebody proposing the main sqaure
Saying that we are coming from different expierience and we have to start from what we have how can we make something interesting?
  • some want to do a so called march from piazza to piazza and have a moving assembly (…)
  • other want to go to neighbourhood
  • others don’t want to do an assembly at all
  • orsan speaking. historical time. how we can visibilize what we do??
  • somebody says that the assembly has to be done by us. we wnat to show our metodology. we are critisising the metodology of this forum
  • antonio:  strong feeling to have an assembly. we need participation. +1
  • we are putting our ideas in the chat is anybody looking at that
  • there is a proposal for tomorrow evening to have the assembly
  • Aitor suggesting we have to participate to the final event
  • There are not a lot of groups in Florence. proposing the sqaure in front of fortezza.
so the assembly is decided??
we want to have the assembly tomorrow to show our metodology and a critic
we want to have activisis
the weather is going to be a challenge
we desagree on is if is a good idea to do it a desicion making assembly or not
mariangela: yes for the assembly yes for tomorrow no decision making assembly yes to show real expieriences and methodology from our squares  and also give information about what we are really doing in the squares. expieriences about what has really happened in the squares in these months, what alternatives have been put in place in terms of struggles, selfmanagenets, ….
It is important for us to know what time and where in order to put information in the blog and tweet. We have already give the information that is at 6 pm in front of the forum place. If is in a different place and at a different time we have to change everything. I dont want statements
  • we will do an assembly open to everybody
  • with our methodology
  • it is not compulsory to take a desicion at the end
  • we could bring the things we discuss in the closing event of the forum
consensuated people to facilitate and taking turns 
have translation needed wispering 
new location Plaza del carmen at 6 pm 
If it rains, meet at 6pm at the galleria degli uffizi
facilitators meet at 1 pm 
Mari will update the blog, the facebook and send tweeter first thing in the morning
After the experiences of Puerta del Sol, the Occupy all around the world, included the italian squares of Florence, Rome and Bologna, people from international movements of Occupy/15M will meet in Florence, where the “Firenze 10+10” takes place to share practices, experiences and alternatives.
Participants to assemblies from Occupy London, Occupy Netherlands, Spanish 15M, Agora Roma, invite you all to Firenze on saturday 10th November 2012, at 6 p.m., in
Viale Filippo Strozzi 1, 50129 Firenze FI
In this occasion, the movement will present itself, with its practices and contents.
Opinions and proposals will be gathered, hoping that it will help to spread even in Italy the spirit of public assemblies that are a real occasion of political participation, social relations, public space, urban and not only, regain.
What we have done till now:
1. hashtag is  #OccupyFirenze99  please help with twitter
2. We opened a blog. feed it
3. contact:
4. in the blog the call in Spanish/italian/English/French and flyers
5. . We have an event in facebook
you can find flyers here as well , feed information, video, use the language you want
6. We are also using Occupy the Comms
7. we will be in Mumble in tomorrow during the assembly tomalaplaza/international/occupyeverything
8. streaming during the meeting by audiovisol
9. in Spanish: politicainternacional15m madrid supports the assembly: we are in tomalaplaza


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