Friday 8 november 2012 meeting at 8pm to prepare #occupyfirenze99 Assembly

After the experiences of Puerta del Sol, the Occupy all around the world, included the italian squares of Florence, Rome and Bologna, people from international movements of Occupy/15M will meet in Florence, where the “Firenze 10+10” takes place to share practices, experiences and alternatives.
Participants to assemblies from Occupy London, Occupy Netherlands, Spanish 15M, Agora Roma,
invite you all to Firenze on saturday 10th November 2012, at 6 p.m., in Viale Filippo Strozzi 1, 50129 Firenze FI
In this occasion, the movement will present itself, with its practices and contents.
Opinions and proposals will be gathered, hoping that it will help to spread even in Italy the spirit of public assemblies that are a real occasion of political participation, social relations, public space, urban and not only, regain.
What you can do in order to help if you are or not there
1.. The hashtag is  #OccupyFirenze99  please help with twitter 
2.. We opened a blog. feed it contacting
in the blog the call in Spanish/italian/English/French and flyers
3. We have an event in facebook
you can find flyers here as well , feed information, video, use the language you want
5. We are also using Occupy the Comms 
6. Friday 9th November h 20,00 meeting to prepare the #occupyfirenze99 main entrance forum, in Florence, Italy
7. same time tonight Friday in Mumble tomalaplaza/international/occupyeverything
8. streaming during the meeting by audiovisol 
9. in Spanish: politicainternacional15m madrid supports the assembly: we are in tomalaplaza 
Where? Florence 
front of the main entrance of Fortezza da Basso, Forum 10+10, Viale Filippo Strozzi 1, 50129 Firenze FI
first meeting 8th November h 20,00 
second meeting Friday 9th h 20,00 in Florence and in Mumble. Tomalaplaza/international/occupyeverything
Assembly #occupyfirenze99 10th of november, h 18,00 in Viale Filippo Strozzi n 1 
Partial minutes:
Problems with Police: the organizers want us to inform Police about the assembly
Not going against Social Forum policy
Possibility to organize something more on sunday. Consense about limiting to saturday
We are not enough people to organize a general assembly for the Forum… We don’t want to be The general assembly of the Forum, but part of the forum, and invite participants to the Forum to join the assembly.
Report from Rome about state-of-the-art of diffusion and communication
Sol: Many perople here in the Forum are used to the assembleary method. This place is opened to everyone, everyone can join in. It is true that we are in a frotress discussing about which Europe we want to build in. People from the Forum have a lot of experience in working on these Forum, and are willing yo hear from experience of Occupy/15M movement. Let’s take part to the discussions of the Forum, organize it, and discuss why they don’t want to take on this methodology.
Marisa: Forums set the basis for the development of the 15M/Occupy movement. We need to find a space to melt the two experiences.
Orsan: the experience of Florence1010 is very challenging for us all, included the organizers. But we are all here because of the crisis, and for a push from below that demads for democracy, for action, for radicality.  The process of democratization of the space of the Forum is slow and difficult, but we must work on it. It is very astonishing, for example, that next week we are going to deal with a Mediterranean strike. We need to talk about this interaction especially here in Italy, where there is big division among organizations.
Sol: There is a lot of knowledge within the Occupy/15M movement. The experience of Blockupy is a good example of the way we act: BCE is the problem–>we block BCE! This is something social movements are not really used to. Moreover, we can work very well on technologies. Moreover we are able to create something that first of all create emotional participation.
Cristian: i am here to document to people that are not here what is happening and stream everything to get it viral. Example of Occupy Decoms.
Round of presentation
Daniel: some things to discuss about the coordination with the other assembly officially programmed at the same time.  Let’s work on the signal language.
?: some more topics: opinions about registration with police, and organize with translations. What do we say when we talk about methodology, one is signs, the other is how to get to decisions.
Marisa. It’s strange that we ask for permission to police, but it could be possible that it is necessary here in italy. There is a difference between informing and ask for permission.